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The ALMU is committed to environmental, social and community stewardship.

Conservation of the environment
Use of natural resources in a manner that minimises adverse impact on the environment
Full support of local and global efforts in shaping an energy future that meets the goals of United Nations’ climate initiatives.

While it seeks to influence the development of high- quality lubricants, the ALMU aims to provide leadership to its members for them to operate with an awareness of critical environmental concerns. It will focus members on the urgency of :
a) reducing the use of energy, water and other resources
b) increasing recycling and reusing efforts, minimising waste
c) managing supply chains to minimise adverse environmental impact
d) minimising the environmental footprint of their operations
e) maintaining good governance to achieve the above

ALMU believes that long- term conservation of the environment always needs businesses to operate with integrity and ethically . ALMU strives for members to act with full transparency in communicating regularly with all stakeholders on issues concerning the impact of their operations on the environment, use of resources, initiatives affecting the well-being of the local communities and the members’ level of performance in these areas. ALMU will focus members on the need to report regularly, in a balanced manner and with fair disclosure.
AMLU will provide opportunity for stakeholders – employees, suppliers, customers and communities, amongst others, to participate in sustainability programs.

ALMU believes that, wherever they operate, members’ corporate long-term development should:
a) be aligned with helping local communities on social, economic and environmental concerns
b) offer resources and innovations to local communities
Such contributions will be meaningful to the well-being, enhancement and long- term growth of the communities.

ALMU will also support the manufacturing, power and transport sectors in their efforts to achieve their own sustainability aspirations. It will support the collaboration between members and industry partners, government institutions, affiliated agencies and the public on education, training, and research.

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