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We conduct education courses, training and certification programs for the advancement of the Asian lubricants industry, profession, and membership. Our regular education initiatives provide the perfect opportunity for new employees, sales and marketing personnel, and senior management to augment their lubricant knowledge and learn from the region’s leading additive manufacturers and lubricant companies. Also, we have implemented several education and communication initiatives to delineate advice, information, news, legislative change, and encourage professional development.

Recent Events

The inaugural ALMU Lubrication Fundamentals Course in Singapore, from 19-20 September 2019, attracted more than 50 participants. The programme included comprehensive lectures on basic tribology and lubrication; base oil and lubricant additives; viscosity and grading systems; industry specifications and OEM approvals; automotive, marine and general industrial lubricants; and much more. We have also recently launched a series of online education courses, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which began on 21 April 2020. The inaugural webinar on the “Basics of Metalworking Fluids,” was presented by Rita Chee, Product Manager (Metalworking) at Lubrizol.

Upcoming Events

Our online education courses continue with a series of webinars from Jack Zakarian, a specialist in lubricant product development, obtaining OEM and industry approvals, and more. Topics range from base oil markets, best practices in lubricant formulation and blending, and the potential impact on lubricant formulations and sales channels from the growth of electric vehicles.

We are also running a Technical Course on Industrial Oils & Fluids in Bangkok, Thailand which will be held on 31 August 2020.


  • Augment industry knowledge on lubricants and formulations
  • Learn from leading additive manufacturers and lubricant companies
  • Gain valuable certifications

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